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Low-Slip Additive AdGrip


AdGrip LowSlip - Additive to improve underfoot grip

Price: £11.90
£14.28 inc.VAT
Use to improve underfoot grip

A simple additive to avoid that accident on wet surfaces by increasing underfoot grip

AdGrip LowSlip - Additive to improve underfoot grip

AdGrip Low-Slip Granules

AdGrip Low-Slip Granules is a hard wearing low-slip additive combining a wide range of particulate size.

Newly sealed and wet paving and flooring can be slippery.
Be prepared and avoid that accident. Both you and your Clients can fulfil their duty of care, to visitors and employees alike, by taking precautions.
One tub is sufficient for one 25ltr pail of resin.

Please note that, depending on despatching method, we may pack Low slip in a padded reinforced envelope rather than a tub. The quantity of Low slip is identical.

Low-Slip Additive AdGrip

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